To develop and inspire sustainable, energy efficient building solutions.
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Roosevelt Energy’s mission is to develop and inspire sustainable, energy efficient building solutions.


Supporting innovation and education.

Roosevelt Energy, Inc. (RE) is a group of conservationists, focused on giving back to the ecology in which we live in.  We strive to create new ways to save money and reduce our carbon footprint by developing energy efficient products. As a company, we work hard to meet the energy and sustainability goals of our clients and stakeholders while helping our planet strive longer.

Our Vision

To develop and inspire sustainable, energy efficient building solutions. 

Our Mission

RE desires to see the world we live in change by challenging deep thinkers to see farther outside the box, by educating others about more sustainable living standards, and by building the tools we need to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Who we are

The parent company of RE has been in the real estate and construction arenas since the mid 70’s and the gas and oil arena for the last 6 years by providing support to a company that has the patents to turn coal fired power plants waste by-product, flyash, into ceramic beads, known as ceramic proppants.

We are a family run business, motivated by the grandchildren running around, seeking to build a better world. We desire to leave this earth, one day, knowing we did the best we could to improve the ground we live on and the air we breathe.